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Issue 70 : May 1988

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Hints and Tips - David Atherton
Step By Step - A Stack of Cards - Bruce Smith
A straightforward guide to setting up a card index database with ViewStore.
ARC Agora - Computing Colours - Dave Acton
A new forum for learning about the Archimedes computers.
Elementary - Dave Acton
Artificial Intelligence - Micro-Sherlock, a simple version of MicroProlog.
Blowing Hot and Cold - Joe Telford
Check the heat loss in your house with a thermometer attached to your BBC Micro.
To Boldly Logo - Peter Julian
Drawing star maps with logo.
Press for Action - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Concept keyboards part 2.
A Closer Look
The GIS Teletext Receiver.
Yellow Pages
Games Reviews - Dave Lawrence
Conqueror, Winter Olympiad, Kourtyard, Tetris all get the once over.
Wordprocessor Reviews - Bruce Smith
ArcWriter, Graphic Writer reviewed.
Education News
Software Review - Graham Bell
The Ecodisc (2nd disc for the Domesday System).
Software Review - David Marshall
Six simple educational databases.
hardware Review - Bernard Emblem
Electron a la Mode - Jafa System's Mode 7 Add on.
The Network Page - Alastair Shimmin and Robin Newman
Acorn Abuser's Diary

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