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Issue 71 : June 1988

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News - New ARC OS
Computer Concepts to launch Arc operating system; Acorn results; Bill Oddie at Micronet.
Comms Column
Education News
Reader Service
Erasure Competition
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
The drums are a-thumping in Joe's household as he turns his BBC into a beat box.
Hybrid Music - Ian Waugh
Even TV theme tunes are being written with the Hybrid system, which offers musicians more than just a Music 5000.
Erasure's Big Hit
Vince Clarke of hit band Erasure and producer Eric Ratcliffe tell Carol Atack what a BBC and UMI system do for them and their music.
The MIDI Star - Martin Russ
Martin explains what MIDI is all about and why the UMI system is so popular with the professionals.
Interword Plus - Alan Archer
Alan uses Basic programs to format his word-processor files for a weekly parish newsletter.
It's the Business
Simulation for use in the classroom abound, from mail order to concrete companies, can teach about computers and businesses.
Games Page
Arc adventures, more Repton and the Barbarian cover up.
Games Reviews
Tanked-up Arc, Egyptian revenge and a jousting Skirmish are put through their paces.
The First Word - Graham Bell
At last a real wordprocessor for the Archimedes, says Graham which has facilities beyond those on offer on a model B.
Databases - Roger Carus
Roger finds seven products for use at secondary level and into the business world on BBC Master and Arc.
Learn a Language - Dave Futcher
Spanish German and French learners will find three packs in the best BBC tradition.
Education News
Baker plus business links at CBI conference.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
Lotus-style menu, mode 7 screen compression, and printing music from David and readers.
Arc Agora - Dave Acton
Dave presents sprites for animation, in-betweening, and a relocatable module to print the screen.
Step by Step - Bruce Smith
InterChart can handle ViewSheet as well as Computer Concepts' files.
Business Brains
Weather watching, controlling a kiln, setting type by hand - Roger Carus finds BBC micros everywhere.
Yellow Pages
Free Ads
Abuser's Diary

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