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Issue 91 : February 1990

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Comms - David Janda
Education - Lisa Hughes
Music - Ian Waugh
Next Month In BAU
Questions and Answers
Eight Bits - David Atherton
Risc Revue - David Acton
BBC Acorn User Awards
All the winners from this first presentation of these prestigious awards. It's the turn of the best software in the Acorn world to come up and take a bow.
Triangulation - Michael Attenborough
A short graphics program for the Archimedes.
Take Your Pic - Jeff Tullin
Organise those photos with this database program.
Perfect Timing - Michael Leete
Now you'll know what day of the week it is.
Using Your Intelligence - Neil Sykes
The low-down on Micro-Prolog for intelligent machines.
Key To The Door - Michael Rudd
Using the Key database for classroom geography.
Byte By Byte - Graham Kendall
A quick change for transferring files to other machines.
Yellow Pages
Special Offers
Set Store By Your Beeb - Dave Futcher
A round up of database packages available for the Beeb.
Better By CAD - Martin Moore
Back to the drawing board with Technocad.
Drawing Conclusions - Graham Bell
Charting the progress of Arc graphics with Presenter 2.
The Art Of Noise - Robert Miller
The Archimedes Voice Generator gets the right sound.
Add-Ons Multiply - Chris Drage
The latest bolt-on bits for the BBC A3000.
Fast Work - Roger Howarth
The Arm3 - the ultimate upgrade for an Archimedes.
Games - Sam Greenhill
A look at Blast, Armatron, and Family Favourites.
Advertisers Index
End User - Pauline McLernon
Beebs and Arcs put a Doctor's advice on call.

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