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Issue 92 : March 1990

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Education - Lisa Hughes
Comms - David Janda
Questions And Answers
Acorn Customer Hotline
Next Month In BAU
Eight Bits - David Atherton
Risc Revue - David Acton
The Bare Bones - Jason O'Broin
Writing an Archimedes application to take advantage of the power and flexibility of Risc OS is not a simple task but it's made a good deal easier with this skeleton program.
BBC Acorn User Awards
The second half of the presentation ceremony.
Down To Business - Jeffrey Morgan
The first ever Cobol compiler for the BBC micro.
Readers Survey
Your chance to influence the mag and win an A3000.
Take To The Floor - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
The robots, Pip and Roamer, sweep the floor.
One Good Turn - Walter Trypsin
A short but sharp graphics program for the Arc.
Special Offers
What's The Point - Richard Browning, Rob Miller and Malcolm Brown
Three alternatives to the Archimedes mouse.
Crystal Clear - Alex Van Someren
Qume's Crystalprint Publisher laser printer.
Second Sight - Rob Miller
Clares Artisan 2 receives a fond welcome.
Let's Get Relational - Martin Phillips
Minerva's Multistore relational database.
The Base Line - Dave Futcher
A round-up of Beeb databases for education.
Screen Test - Graham Bell
Two top-end monitors for the Archimedes.
Cheque It Out - Dave Futcher
Carious Software's thrifty but nifty program.
Game Show
Prepare for UIM, Ricochet and Arcade Soccer.
Return Of The Master - David Atherton
Acorn's new Master 128 operating system ROM.
Software Showcase - Advertisers Index
End User - Christina Neal
The BBC model B puts the words into videos.

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