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Issue 95 : June 1990

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Acorn PC - Sean Sheehan
A new regular for Master 512/Arc PC emulator users.
Comms - David Janda
Education - Lisa Hughes
Next Month In BAU
Questions And Answers
Acorn Customer Hotline
Risc Revue - David Acton
Eight Bits - David Atherton
Getting The Edge - David Knell
The first in a major new series on computer screen image generation and manipulation with programs for Beebs and Arcs to create all those weird and wonderful special effects seen on TV.
Single File Please - Dave Acton
Now finding that elusive file is made easy.
Counting On The Romans - Michael Leete
How did the Romas cope with those numerals?
Still Learning - Lisa Hughes
A friendly chat with Acorn's new man in education.
Kick Off - Jeff Tullin
An instant access database for the Master.
Railway Children - David Williams
Chugging along with this classroom simulation.
Digging Up The Past - Chris Drage
One school goes in search of dinosaurs.
Yellow Pages
Special Offers
Cheap And Cheerful - Graham Bell
Bargain hunting for software that doesn't cost the earth.
Crystal Growth - Malcolm Brown
Qume's CrystalPrint WP+ gets a try out.
Top Drawer - Rob Miller
Arcol provides a novel way of drawing on the Arc.
New Generation - Dave Futcher
Creating a stir with Software Solution's Genesis.
Carry On Perfecting - Graham Bell
The Risc OS version of the long standing Pixel Perfect.
Game Show
A bumper three pages of fun and frolics for Beeb and Arc.
Making News - Dave Futcher
Teletype turns a classroom into a busy newsroom.
Software Showcase
Advertisers Index
End User - Christina Neal
Making pop promo videos with the Arc and A3000.

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