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Issue 96 : July 1990

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Music - Ian Waugh
Comms - David Janda
Education - Lisa Hughes
Next Month In BAU
Questions And Answers
Acorn Customer Hotline
Risc Revue - Dave Acton
Eight Bits - David Atherton
Window Shopping - Alan Blundell
Now's the time to stop being jealous of all your Arc-owning friends. This windowing environment for the BBC micro and Master evens out the odds a little. Just point and press!
Picture Power - David Knell
Part three of image processing deals with blob analysis.
Sex And The Single Micro - William Bains
Evolving genetic algorithms on the Beeb.
Going Crazy - Tim Campen
You can meet all sorts of outrageous characters on the Beeb.
Primary Objectives - Chris Drage
Coming to terms with the technology National Curriculum.
Hints And Tips Special
Five pages packed with classic gems from the past.
Yellow Pages
Special Offers
Open Plan - Dave Futcher
Make what you like of Premier from Circle Software.
Jack Of All Trades - Dave Acton
Instigator, the Arc system manager from Dabs, gets the once over.
Birdseye View - Rob Miller
The Hawk V9 - a colour video digitiser to watch out for.
Well Worded - David Lawrence
The power user's approach to DTP, typified by ArchiTeX.
All In Order - Dave Futcher
Making sense out of the world of Chaos.
Game Show
Battle Tank, Bug Hunter and Maddlingly Hall come under scrutiny.
Free And Easy - Graham Bell
Another look at software that won't hurt your wallet.
Software Showcase
Advertisers Index
End User - Elizabeth Burns
The Arc makes these students jump in the gym.

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